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The typical question that is asked is, “How long will it take to finish the sessions and accomplish my goals?”

The answer is that each person is unique and has specialized personal needs that are different from anyone else.  So, to be able to provide an appropriate response, Nu-Brain will do an analysis of what you individually may need.  We start with an individualized history called an Intake.  This is followed a brain map and assessment evaluations.  This helps to determine the approximate number of sessions that you or your family member will need to reach your desired objectives, based on your individual needs.  You then sign up for a package plan that is right for what you need.

To help you understand this process, we have put together a list of typical situations to give you an idea of the approximate number of sessions needed for various conditions.

  • For straight forward depression, estimate 20-40 sessions.
  • For anxiety related issues, estimate 35 to 45 sessions.
  • For ADD, plan around 50 to 60 sessions, depending upon severity.
  • For hyperactivity, estimate an additional 20 sessions with the ADD number.
  • For overall general performance improvement, estimate according to map reports.
  • Brain Injury and stroke,  100 plus sessions, depending upon severity.
  • With Peak Performance brain training, such as in golf, sports, and the arts of music and creativity, this becomes a highly individualized endeavor, with a mapping done first.

To accommodate your individual needs, we adjust the program and customize it to fit your desires as you see and experience them.

As Nu-Brain uses National Consultants for evaluations of the brain map and difficult problematic areas, we are able to provide you with the utmost in personalized individual care, according to your individualized needs.

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