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The use of prescription medications may affect the readings of your brain map and your neurofeedback training sessions.  It is extremely important that we be made aware of all medications you are taking.  Always discuss medications with your Nu-Brain® technician when having a Brain Map.

For Best Results During Brain Mapping
For brain mapping, the best results are obtained when a person is not taking medications, as the medications may certainly change the existing conditions of the brain.  In order to obtain an accurate picture of what is happening within the brain, it is important that a person having a new Brain Map let their therapist know what medications they are taking, and then the therapist can look up that particular type of medication up in a chart.  Of course, a person must always consult with and their prescribing doctor before discontinuing, or even temporarily cutting down, on any medication.

Some medications leave the brain/body faster than others.  Other medications take a very long time before exiting the brain/body in sufficient amounts necessary for obtaining an accurate view of the brain at the particular time of the brain map.  Some may only need a day to be out of the system.  Others may need several weeks before leaving the system.  So always let your therapist know what kind of medication you are taking prior to the map session.

An example of this may be seen in the following chart.  For a more definitive answer, always check with your Nu-Brain clinician well in advance before having a brain map.  Five to seven half-lifes are needed to clear the medication from the brain in order to know that the medication is not influencing the accurate view of the brain wave activity.  See example below.

Trade Name
Time for Removal
Ritalin Methyphenidate 2 Days
Lithium   10 Days
Adderall   3 Days
Zoloft Sertraline 15 Days
Wellburtrin Bupropion 7 Days
Prozac Fluoxetine 60 Days

Training the Brain During Sessions: With and Without Medications

While it is always best to do neurofeedback training off of medications, it is not often practical or realistic to do so, even under the best of conditions. Therefore, re-training the brain is carried out even when a person is using medications, and even though obtaining the desired results is slower when on medications, the process still is most effective.

Reducing Medications as Needed: Under the Directions of Your Prescribing Doctor

As the neurofeedback training progresses, neurological changes are taking place as brain wave functioning is being corrected.  Therefore, due to the success of the trainings, it may be necessary from time to time to reduce the amounts of the medication.  For this purpose, Nu-Brain® will monitor the improvements being made and advise your prescribing physician of such in regular reports.  Then, under the direction of your personal physician, doses may be lowered as improvements are made.

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